Monday, August 20, 2007

The questions of the presentations:

What did you learn from preparing your presentation?

While I prepared my presentation many things I was worried about first the amount of information that I have include so I will be able to cover my topic very well to not make it boring to students to listen to . And I learned how to present any topic in the way that makes the audience accept it even though it had complicated information.

How did you feel about your presentation?

Will i am somehow satisfied with my presentation, as well as the question that I had in the class during the question period that caused me happy. However, in the beginning I was Little bit anxious but as I got in the topic I found my self better and Tried to do my best in the front of my classmates .

What did you learn from listening to the presentations of your classmates?
First of all, I can say that I like the major of my classmates’ presentation since every one gave us a lot of information. Also I like their ways in presenting their topic since every one used his or her style and tone of specking that make us all ears. Second, I learned how to respect other opinion even thought you don't agree with it .Also , one thing that I learned is how to react and make quick brainstorm in order to react with new topic that you heard from short period of time. Finally it is a nice experience that makes every one learns from other mistakes.


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