Monday, August 20, 2007

The questions of the presentations:

What did you learn from preparing your presentation?

While I prepared my presentation many things I was worried about first the amount of information that I have include so I will be able to cover my topic very well to not make it boring to students to listen to . And I learned how to present any topic in the way that makes the audience accept it even though it had complicated information.

How did you feel about your presentation?

Will i am somehow satisfied with my presentation, as well as the question that I had in the class during the question period that caused me happy. However, in the beginning I was Little bit anxious but as I got in the topic I found my self better and Tried to do my best in the front of my classmates .

What did you learn from listening to the presentations of your classmates?
First of all, I can say that I like the major of my classmates’ presentation since every one gave us a lot of information. Also I like their ways in presenting their topic since every one used his or her style and tone of specking that make us all ears. Second, I learned how to respect other opinion even thought you don't agree with it .Also , one thing that I learned is how to react and make quick brainstorm in order to react with new topic that you heard from short period of time. Finally it is a nice experience that makes every one learns from other mistakes.
Answering the question of video games :

1 Aswering the question of that children are the main target of video games it is not true because there are adults also play video games that shows that it is not specially for childern.

2 Anwering the violent video games are linked to youth violence and aggression it is not true because it depends on the personality and the behaviour of the person that is playing the game some people are influnced in such games and some are not.

3 Answering the question that games teach players to coopertate it is true because some games need coopertions as an example a game called counter strike it needs coopartion from both partners.These games learn coopertions for players

Saturday, August 18, 2007

language learning unit
June 28
I found the language learning unit is interesting because, I noticed differences and similarities between the theories I studied at school and between the explained theories on the tapes we had been listening to in class. They mentioned out that it's better to learn a language when you are young.Also, it was interesting to hear different opinion of language learning from other students when we were working in groups. It was a good way to develop our ability to summarize. Furthermore, we learnt a lot on the subject by reading and answering the questions.
Finishing my research paper
The felling was good after finishing this task that was interesting .well after I finished this paper and presentation I felt comfortable .For me finishing things that I have to finish will make me more comfortable and fell satisfied after finishing what I have to do. In this case during my work in my research paper i refreshed my mind and I remembered all the skills that i need in writing such a paper like looking for useful material, having well organized plane, analysis of information, connecting different idea and other skills that lead to good paper .Also, some thing that I learned is how to find a topic for your research that make your classmate interested while you present it in front of them later, finally I learned a lot of new vocabulary and information that improved my skills.
July 8,2007

In the part of communication patterns, it shows the basic information’s in order to compare. First, an experiment had showed to us that comparing the similarity and differences between the Japanese and the America’s. The result is that Japanese use words indirectly. On the other hand, American’s seems more open than the Japanese they will talk and laugh as usual. Japanese will treat people in different way in order to show their respect. Even though it was just only 20 minute, expert still got a lot of things. Even though, this does not mean that we can conclude differences in different genders. Experts also found out that man with man is one situation woman with woman is another situation. When two men are talking, they won’t be so close to each other. However, when ladies say things, they will try to get closer. In conclusion, women seem more likely to enjoy conversations and that is why around 75 percent of interrupting are made by men. The next part of this topic is conversational coherence. It shows a lot of specific examples that support this idea. From the observation of different grade of people who study in. as a result, we can see that from the beginning of our childhood, man had already determined to speak less than woman. Furthermore, men seem to have too much topic to talk than women. In another study which contained TV debate and achieving "expert status". From this part, men would like to be treated as experts. Instead, this erases the wealth of real female experts. Same things happened in working place too. In addition, man always wants to build up hierarchy.In conclusion, woman and man have different even though most of them are very similar in some parts.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Question of population
Q3 what should industrial countries do in terms of population is that they should limite the members of each family by encouring people to the disadvatange of the overcome of population. About the emerging countries is to reduce the diseaes and educate people to help them get through the population problem
Question of population
Q2 The trend could lead to a more pessimistic outcome is that population overreduction. people are trying to focus on how to reduce the population as soon as possible. More over , if we reduce the population , there will not be workers,to build the countries and other human resource . Therefore, when we are trying to reduce population. We should think about the serious consequence of population overreduction.